Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Copper Mountain 2009

Our trip was wonderful! I am so thankful that my parents gave us that awesome opportunity. I can't wait to post my pictures of me skiing- my sister has them!

Ayden loved ski school! He loved the snow- he loved the cold- he enjoyed it all. Mason was a pill most of the time. He hated his globs (gloves), hated the cold, and wouldn't walk. He preferred to be in the stroller, and was just fine being there.

Glenn was so happy to snowboard- and stoked about his new clothing he got when we arrived! Thanks Chad!

My mother, brother, sister and father are great skiers! It is the first time I have been with them (they have been several times)- and they really impressed me with their skills- and helped me on my first times on the mountain!

We spent our VDay and 5th year aniversary in Copper and my husband made it great! Sticking true to traditions, Glenn looked up the 5th year gift, and found out it was wood. He bought me the best wooden stick earings from Copper. What a treat!

I am still working on his gift- and will show off soon!

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