Monday, April 20, 2009

21 and 22 weeks!

Oh boy, I am getting to be not so great at updating this! 21 weeks baby boy Dominy#3 was as long as a carrot. By the time I got a photo it was not a great little carrot, so I opted not to post.

22 weeks we are the length of a spaghetti squash. The photo is a bit blurry, it also says that he is developing his little teeth buds this week. It is crazy to me that this little guy took 22 weeks to reach a pound and in 4 short weeks he will be 2 pounds!

An update on us- I am busy busy busy. My husband is as well. Both of us are running on overdrive with work deadlines plus everything we do with the boys! TBall for Ayden is in it's final 3 weeks. We are also coming up on the last month of swimming lessons. Ayden can swim the entire length of a competition length pool- backstroke. Move over Michael Phelps... Mason is getting better slowly but surely- just like his nature. Mason got a new bed and dresser this weekend. We were able to put the bed back into a crib for the new baby and have the room in it's layout position! Mason loves his new bed, but was a bit confused as to where his clothes were going to go until I showed him his new one the next day.

Glenn and I are participating in Bradley classes. For those of you that missed my midwife posts, I will be having this little one drug free. The classes have been informative and I can't wait to get further into them. I am trying to eat a very high protein diet, which is leaving me full all the time. I do have a bit more energy so that is good. Glenn and I are also taking a small break from the children's ministry at church. I miss the little ones a great deal, but we had to cut back to once per month. We were missing out on weekly worship which was affecting us in more than one way. I had such a peace worshiping on Sunday- I have really missed it. My great friend Courtney and her family came to visit Houston this week, and I was so glad I got the see them and spend time with them this week. I will be posting photos of the cuteness very soon....

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