Wednesday, April 29, 2009

23 weeks. One week late.

I am really 24 weeks on Thursday morning. I feel it is appropriate for me to be a week late. This is the easiest way to demonstrate how I feel. Behind. I do have more energy than the first trimester, but not as much as I would if I weren't pregnant. Don't get me wrong, not wishing against anything, but when people say "Isn't the second trimester great? You get your energy back and really feel pregnant!" My response is nope. If I wanted energy, I wouldn't of gotten pregnant. I won't really ever get it back to the same level, possibly 60% by 6 months after having the baby!

At 23 weeks....

the baby was the weight of a mango. It has begun to confuse me a week we go for length, the next for weight.

I am excited for tomorrow's milestone, and hope to post my fruit or veggie on time. 24 weeks means viability for our little man!!!!!!

I will leave you with some pictures of me and my wonderful friend Courtney. She is 28 weeks pregnant in these pictures, and I am 23 weeks! She is also having a little baby boy...

And of course some of the boys and Emma!

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Courtney, Lance and Emma said...

HOw sweet.. I wish the photos would have turned out better...not the best when you download from Kodak and not he original.