Friday, April 3, 2009

OH BOY! 20 weeks pregnant

The Dominy's will have a little boy join our family! I hope that the readers out there know me well, we are going to get a little personal. If you don't know me that well, please believe I am a good person :o)!

Ayden, Mason, Glenn and I all went to the appointment. Ayden and Mason sat properly, sharing a seat with their eyes glued to the screen. The tech asked us if we wanted to know the sex, and we told her yes. That was the first place she looked. She had it in the area, and I looked to her. Her face said it all, we were having a baby boy!

Ayden and Mason said "a boy?", and I smiled and told Glenn I was happy. I really was very happy. I was with my two little handsome men in the office finding out I would have another one of them. Who wouldn't fall in love? We looked at all of the other body parts, to which Ayden exclaimed "Wow, Awesome, Cool!".

The very clear foot!

And a face photo!

That was pretty special. Mason couldn't figure out how a wand on mommy's tummy was making baby pictures. He also wanted to touch the jelly on my tummy. He told me "Don't move, stay right there."

Then we left the ultrasound room and went and waited for the appointment. Glenn took the boys on a walk/drive, and I started sending out text messages. After 10 minutes or so of that, I was in the midwife's office. I had idle time, and I started to cry just a bit. Not because I was sad that we were having a son, but since this is our last baby, at the possibility of never having a girl. Before this final moment, there was always hope, or thoughts. Now we are a big happy family of boys. Never a dull moment!

The midwife came in and was alarmed at the sight of my tears, and I tried to calm down, but ended up crying a bit more. We spoke, had our visit, and I went and waited for Glenn in the beautiful garden outside the office building. When waiting, I let a few more tears fall, and then Glenn drove up. He felt so bad for me, but I tried to explain that I was happy! He gave me some of the wonderful things about boys and having another one, which I appreciated, but of course I know!!! I love my boys! I was done with my moments of sadness, about as quick as they started.

We went and had lunch, and played for the rest of the day!!!! I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful life and family. I will never wish that anyone is not who they are! And now begins the life of loudness and chaos- which challenges me to say the least. I think I perform best under those circumstances!

This morning I came in to the office to one of the best shelves so far!

We have come up with some names, and will probably know his name by Monday, keep looking for our post!


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The Navarrete's said...

Hey Heather!! I'm so happy for your healthy baby boy!! You know...Pete and I could have possibly been done at this one if it were a girl, but now he knows we have to go on to #3! I'm sure I will have 3 amazing boys too...but can't help but try. I look around me so often at all my friends (including you) that have had such scary times with their babies or actually lost their babies. I can't help but just be thankful I can even have babies and will have my two crazy penis boys running around! You are an amazing mama!! Can't imagine a 3rd handsome Dominy! (You guys do make some gorgeous little men!)

Mrs. LeBlanc said...

You are NOT a bad person for allowing yourself some tears, Heather! It's only natural--and besides, who can control those hormones?! And I second what Lauren said--can't wait to see the gorgeous third Dominy boy!