Friday, March 12, 2010


It has been too long since we have visited our favorite place to escape. Out in the country Glenn's family owns a fabulous house that sits on a large number of acres with a private lake, and fantastic trails all over. Glenn rides his dirt bike, I ride the four wheelers, and the boys ride along in the mule in these trails! The weekends are full of relaxing, fun with family, yummy cooking and eating, and peacefulness. Remember though, this peacefulness looks totally different than the peacefulness we would of experienced 6 years ago before our crazy little people joined our lives!

We shared our last visit to Dibol with great new friends~ the Blakes. About a year ago when we did the nursery we met Doug, who is totally into all things Glenn. I think they are kindred spirits. They wakeboarded a lot last summer, and both love to ride dirt bikes. After Reid was born, I met Taylene for a second, and then we enjoyed this weekend to Dibol together, and it was really great! We found out we shared several things in common, stating~ "No way, me too" several times throughout the weekend. They have an adorable little man, Ryder who is two. We really enjoyed our escape and glad they came along...

Trip to the Dibol Museum


Glenn and Doug

Glenn and Ayden

Glenn and Mason

Glenn and Reid


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