Sunday, March 14, 2010

The simple things...

just aren't so simple. My sister's Houston wedding reception was last night. Of course I needed to get all dressed up and try out my new smokey eyeshadow from Benefit. I had a plan. Put baby down for a nap, shower, shave my legs, do my hair and then start the make-up process.

Baby had a different plan. Mommy shower. Right when she has shampoo in her hair, scream bloody murder, only after sleeping for a quick 30 minutes. Stare at mommy like a crazy nut because she came and got me wet with a towel wrapped around her head. Be scared to nurse from this towel lady, and then require to be close to her instead of watching wonderful Praise Baby dvd while she continues with her plan.

So I got creative. Bring the high chair into the bathroom and hand baby different random things to play with that I could find on or under the sink. This didn't last to long, but I naturally pulled out the camera in the midst of my make up session to snap a few happy shots.

Life just isn't quite so simple, but there is no other life I would ever choose to have.

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