Sunday, June 27, 2010

Oma Camp

I don't think there are words to fully describe the happiness that falls over me when I think about how lucky my boys are.  They have grandparents that would cancel all other plans to spend time with them.  They have grandparents that they can be themselves around.  They have grandparents that really know them, and love getting to know them even better!  While June was a busy month for our big boys and their grandparents...this post is dedicated to their precious Oma and the time and energy she puts into a special week for my wonderful boys.

Oma Camp was originally inspired by an article I read in the infamous Parenting Magazine.  A mother told the story of a week long summer trip that was meant to bring together all of the cousins...I quickly laid down the mag in 2008 and called my mom to see if she was in for the adventure.  She was more than excited to start this tradition and has exceeded all of our expectations each year since the 1st in 2008.

And again in 2009

This year was definitely no exception!  The boys had a terrific time with Oma, and I believe this was the easiest of the last three years for Oma.  The boys were older and a little easier to tote around and have constant fun!  Ayden and Mason went to the beach daily, Schlitterbaun, a boat tour, in the bay, and to their yearly trip to the Rainforest Cafe.  I think they may finally be getting past their fear of the Gorillas.  Gomer and John joined them for the last day of Oma Camp. 

I really don't think I can think of any better way for two little boys to spend a week of their summer!  Fun loving and spoiling by the best Oma there is!

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