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This post is dedicated to IPhone photos.  You know the ones that you take because life surprises you and all you have to capture it is your trusty cell phone camera.  Or moments that you, the mom you are, forget the camera for something really cool or really special!  I really hope this post doesn't turn into one of those posts with 500 pictures and a bunch of captions...I am going to try to capture the story and tell you about those perfect moments!

I think you all have this next photo, just replace my silly face with know the photo your kids take of you and you try to be silly, and just look plain yucky!  We were at school, were each day we waited in the play room for thirty minutes before preschool let out.  Most days I visited with other mothers and conversed with Mason as he played, some days I had to work, some days I had to shhhh a fussy-need-a-nap baby, but this day, Mason and Mommy were just silly!

I get warm fuzzies when I think of this beautiful crisp February day in Florida when we were making our way to Mexico Beach for my sisters wedding.  We stopped at the courthouse to get the marriage license so the wedding could be official!  Only hubby and wife to be were allowed into the room in the courthouse, so my little nursling and I went to look for a bench or chair outside to nurse.  No chairs, no benches, but a gorgeous tree with a perfect view of the marina behind the courthouse.  It was such a sweet moment with Mommy, Baby and nature!

Festivities of a wedding...a daddy in a local restaurant calming his baby so a mommy can finish her meal without having one hand out of commission...a new husband and wife sharing a perfectly silly moment with only the sister and brother watching and smiling near by...and a sweet baby on his third plane ride ever!  

There was little way that I could sort through my IPhone and not include this precious picture of my friend S's little J!  The endurance of little boys is captured so perfectly in this photo.  Several times S tried to take J out of the swing and he woke half way and would grip the swing with all his might.  I need to add, this was the first week of this sweet little two year old's protest to his nap!  

Who doesn't want one of these photos?  The one the sitter sends you that is so full of happiness, you almost tear up at the thought of another loving your babe.  We have been blessed with two sitters for Reid, and now the boys with summer among us.  Leann toke this photo on one of their trips to the park, and one of his first happy swing rides!  

Oh yes, I am very proud of this next one, actually the next two, as I think I know what is waiting in que...You can't say I don't own it.  If you are a facebook friend of mine, you know from my frequent frazzled posts that I have an infant that HATES his carseat.  Not dislikes it, not fusses a little, but plane-jane-HATES his car seat.  So when he showed an interest in Praise Baby on our living room TV, a little light bulb sparked in mind and thought of the DVD player that sat in our drawer.  And we were left with the photo below.  A mother that has resorted to a TV in the car for her 7 month old baby.  But what you can't hear in this photo is the sound of nothing, well actually you would hear the sound of wonderful music, because the baby is not crying!!!!  He doesn't get mad in the car.  He has a distraction.  He has one happy stressless driver/mother!

Our baby jail.  After one too many falls, bumps and bruises from our little man with a 13 percentile weight, and 75 percentile head, we have resorted to a baby jail.  I have smartly not allowed the other boys refer to this as a jail.  I have just not been a mother that needs to contain in the past.  I just want to say...boundaries are healthy!!!!!  I have a safe baby for 30 minutes in the morning~ while showering happens, and 30 minutes in the evening~ while dinner happens, and any other short times in between where it is simply not possible to multi-task in a way that keeps a very active 7 month old safe!  

Just like the big boys.  Baby's first ride on a Merry Go Round.  We had a wonderful visit with friends Vicki and her sweet little girls!  Reid couldn't get enough of this ride that his older middle brother continuously feed tokens to!  Reid would of dove out of my arms and climbed into this spot if I didn't follow his directions and set him there for each ride!

Crawfish!  A Dominy spring is incomplete without a yummy crawfish boil.  We had fun with old and new friends in our backyard and 80lbs of crawfish.  This photo is of one of our new friends John, who is a champion crawfish eater and helped us polish off the last batch!

Another photo dedicated to baby food.  This one happens to be at 9:00 at night, when I was joined by a fussy teething baby.  I had boiling water and just couldn't stop peeling my apples, so I had to do what I do best~multitask.  Glenn had to snap a photo of this event in our kitchen.

And finally, what do you do when swim team has been cancelled because of a 10 minute torrential down pour and thunderstorm?  Even when the storm has clearly passed by the time your big boy's practice time starts?  Well I probably should of and could of walked in the house and grabbed the REAL camera, but my IPhone was just too easy.  Ayden eagerly awaited my instruction for which stroke and drill he needed to do, and asked me to time him each time.  Reid joined us on the lounge chair, tired from his recent transition away from the evening nap.  He calmly sat (a rarity) in my lap and watched the work out occurring in the pool!  It was a lovely way to end an evening...relaxing on a lounger with a snuggly baby and watching your first baby be such a big boy!

If this isn't soaking up the love in life, I don't know what is!!!!


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