Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Seal

I have looked over my photos for this post and I am wondering what goes through the mind of my little boy preparing for his race. Ayden is on the Seals, our neighborhood swim team. Every day we go to practice and it tires him to the point of easy sleep each night. Each Saturday we pack up our tent, cooler, toys, snacks, drinks (plenty of water) and kids and head to the pool for a swim meet. It is quite a spectacle, with 300 kids on our team alone. The place is packed with little and big swimmers, hot and loud, eager and ready to swim! My awesome swimmer races in the relay, 25 freestyle, and 25 backstroke. The first few days he was nervous at the anticipation of not winning. We had to explain he would be competing against 6 year olds, who would be faster. That he wouldn't win each race. It didn't take long for his complancy to set in, and now he tells us it is ok if he doesn't win. He even told the coach at practice one day when he asked for them to race, that it was ONLY PRACTICE!  He has gotten several ribbons, not quite first place, but he is just as happy, and doesn't quite know the difference yet.  Sweet young lives!  He has perfected his dive and practiced with a smile in our backyard. He really loves to swim, and has made some fantastic friends on the Seals.
This is the one...right here...what is he thinking?  What is his little mind processing.  He has said he wants to make us proud, he is such a pleaser, such a wonderful little creation of God.  I hope he is thinking about finishing his race and doing the best that he can!


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