Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Feed Baby!

Well these next few posts are a tad bit old, spanning back to the beginning of May.

Since Reid has started eating solids I have enthusiastically made his food for each day. Recently we added some new foods: blueberries, meat (that is an experience to make pureed), and some fun finger foods. He devourers egg yolk only french toast, he adores bananas, he enjoys all breads, and he tolerates most fruits. Reid is a very happy eater, and gets anxious each time Ayden and Mason sit down at the dinner table.

It makes me happy to know that we have feed him the best possible way~ and hope to continue to year one! When the kitchen is torn apart during a meal making session I have to remind myself that Reid is getting his food in the least processed way!


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Julia said...

You should do a post on your process of doing the foods and how you store them etc. :) Like you have time... But i would love to know!