Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

I really wanted to blog about my day, but did not want to be a debbie-downer. Normally this blog is a place of happiness, but I picture myself reading this blog in several years and smiling about this crazy day! I am thankful for this mother's day, because I did what I do a mommy no matter what life throws in my way.

Reid came down with the killer of all virus's this week, fevers reaching 103-104, sleepless nights, relentless nursing, and never allowing me to put him down except when he drifted in to sleep. Mason was put on some pretty heavy duty asthma meds for the week and kept him acting like a crazed lunatic! It is May in the world of A-Beautiful Pools and life was heavy this week!

Yesterday was Ayden's first swim meet and Glenn worked himself to the bone completing our four volunteer shifts in one day! PS Ayden got first place in freestyle!!!

So this morning I wake with a stuffy head and a sore throat- totally appropriate for a mother who has nursed her sweet baby back to health, sparing no expense! My husband mustered the strength through the sore muscles from the previous days work to hop up at 6:30am and get Reid, and turn on cartoons for the big boys. After a morning meal Reid and I snuck out of bed and made our way to the living room. While he played happily on the floor for 10 minutes I cleaned the kitchen and tried to get the boys ready for breakfast at my favorite restaurant, Egg and I. I had it my mission to have a happy Mother's Day breakfast and that meant we had to hit the door by 8:45am, or we would be faced with a long wait. Chaos ensued and Glenn was summoned out of bed by my big boy, mentioning momma needed help! We finished getting ready and Glenn decided he would stay home with then fussy Reid and Ayden and Mason would take me out for Mother's Day breakfast..catch though, I drove, I paid and I entertained! Breakfast was delicious with nicely behaved little men! We had a DS, TV free ride and wait, and I had great conversations with my two little people! We arrived home to a still sore and overwhelmed Daddy...sick fussy babies are no fun, I know! I decided I had to help Daddy deal with his day, so I offered to take Ayden and Mason with me to work. Glenn packed the boys lunch and I packed the DS's and we took off to an orientation for one of my pools. The boys behaved nicely, played on the playground, had lunch and played their games while I got some work done. Ayden even made a friend at the park! We came home, let the boys nap and Glenn and I tried to lounge on the couch with a fussy Reid. We packed up after naps and rest time and headed to New Waverly for dinner with the Dominy's, Gigi and PawPaw. My head was full and nose was running but I pushed through. We had a nice time, and everyone helped me get a break from little Reid by walking with him outside, and watching the big boys play at their wonderful house! Dinner was delicious, and conversation was delightful! At the end of dinner I started slipping fast and my head got cloudy again. At this time my husband mentioned he was staying and getting some work done. Bummer...visions of bed time with three kids and a sick momma were flying through my head. Glenn made it a tad better by deciding to tackle baths at Mimi and Pappy's before we left. We got home, brushed teeth, got in jammies, gave kisses, fixed boo-boos (everyone got banged up at Mimi's and Pappy's) said prayers, nursed baby and crashed on the couch to watch Desperate.

Just another day in motherhood. Spending time with the little people and wonderful husband that bring me joy no matter what condition I am in. For my family today was just another day in the life. For me it was reminder that I am given these little people and wonderful mate by God to love, care for, and mother each and every day!


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