Thursday, May 27, 2010

All grown up...

Not really but each year is another notch. The end of the year program this year at Ayden and Mason's school was so enjoyable! This year there was not a crying toddler scared to sing his Mother's Day Out song. There wasn't a little boy stuck to a Mommy or Daddy's leg. There were two brave preschoolers singing their songs and holding their hearts like little boys do best. Ayden's class did the cutest little hand jive!!! They made us so proud. Mommy, Daddy and Reid loved watching our little men preform with their classmates that have become best friends, and their teachers that are more like family and less like teachers. We are so thankful for their school and all the people that help them become the boys that God wants them to be (most of the time:)

After their program we had a nice, crazy and chaotic mexican dinner out with 11 people! Three little people that loved sitting with all their family and getting tons of attention. Fun burping games and ice down the shirt games. Too much salt on the chips, and when Momma says that's enough, Gomer sneaks them another dash. Yummy food and good laughs. That is what life is all about!

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