Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Celebrations!

Our family does it right!  With two birthdays and two holidays in the same 5 weeks, we lump them all into one...they also fall smack dab in the middle of our busy season!  My Mom and Dad (Oma and Gomer) have a May birthday, and then there is Mother's Day and Father's Day as well.  We all met at my mom's house and had a wonderful brunch to celebrate aging, Mom's and Dad's!!!!!

Gomer cooked, as he always does, and never disappoints!  We had omelets, bacon, fruit, and english muffins, followed by a yummy no sugar ice cream cake.  We have the oddest diets when you put us all together (more on that later) but it all works out well!

I am so thankful for the blessings we have, and that we get to spend these perfect holidays all together!

I am thinking this photo came from a few days before the party~ but it is fitting here, so here it belongs!  Oma and her grandcrazies!!!!
You checking me out?  He is our wanderer boy...always on the move!
This coffee table has always been used for the kids~ ever since I was a kid!  The boys got right down to business eating right away upon arrival!  
Chef Gomer!
Doesn't every Oma have a tupperware cabinet to play in?  I am fairly certain I have this same photo, same outfit, but the boy in the outfit is Ayden!  Such a happy place!!!
Isn't everything meant to be a hat?  This one is rather fitting, with all the holes and the color of course!
Dog, dog!  I have had a dog lover (Ayden) and a dog hater (Mason) and we are back with another lover~ Reid!  I am thinking this is not the only trait that Reid shares with his oldest brother.  Hold onto your pants folks...I am in for a crazy ride!
Ayden loves them so much he isn't the least bit afraid to check out his pearly whites.  McGraw is so patient!  Uncle John helped with the dental exam!
Of course we can't leave out the cheesing it photo!
Long standing, perfect (with only minor flaws, but isn't that what makes it perfect) love!
Oma has it right...but there are not any candles.  Gomer has just decided to get rid of the noise and try to blow out Ayden!
Love love love!
New chings (sword language in our house)
And you would think they would do anything differently with chings???
It's ok, it is all in fun!  Gomer provokes the strangest things out of those boys.
And of course I got my blog all out of order!  This lovely brunch was before the departure of Oma Camp...all packed up and ready to go on the trip of a lifetime!
Notice the chings that came along for the ride????


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