Thursday, July 1, 2010

Walking for Wine!

Appropriate title I think.  The Woodlands hosts a week long event honoring wine!  What a fantastic thing to be a part of!  A-Beautiful Pools has given tickets to our employees each year (with me taking off last year in honor of my cooking baby).

I was so excited this year when the walk fell on the week that my best friend Courtney came to visit!  Good friends are so special and dear.  You can fall easily into that place that is comfortable, happy and all knowing.  You can only invite a special few to come into that place and relax with you, and when you are just that, relaxed and happy!  Courtney and Lachlan visited with us several nights over their week long trip...posts of our mini-vaca within her vacation are soon to follow.  And then we followed that up with a great family and friends bbq when her fantastic hubby joined her in Houston...

I digress back to the wine walk.  It was clothing stick to your skin boiling.  You walk through Market Street enjoying wine in each of the tents, and all of the shops.  This year they also featured some delicious hard to find beer as well.  I really loved the banana bread beer...yum!  After the walk, we came home and checked and tended to the babies and then went out for some yummy sushi!

Have I mentioned how much I love living here?  Always fun things to do and great events to be a part only if I can convince Courtney's hubby Lance of this!

It was a wonderfully fun evening filled with laughter and friendship!


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