Thursday, July 29, 2010

Time to wrap it up! Mason is 4!!!

I am not sure what all I shared the last post, and too lazy to go back now and read :)

On Mason's real birthday we had family over for lunch and had a fun celebration and time in the pool!  That evening we went to church with some great friends and made and brought dinner for a local family in need.  It was a good and rewarding time, and all the kids had a great time playing!

Mason had an awesome party the next evening at Pump It Up.  We are so blessed with awesome friends that love us and our kiddos!  Mason had a great time, and loved the days that were all about him!  We love you our little 4 year old!!!!

Always looking up
Happy Birthday Mason, as close as I could get him to taking his birthday photo!
Special chair!
My littlest man, and yes Mason photos are coming!!!
Cooking our chicken!
Gigi letting Reid have a really big water!  He kept persisting~ wanting it open!
Special gluten and dairy free cupcake!  YUMMY
Ham it up Ayden
Proud parents :)
He couldn't get enough!!!
More TOYS!
Too tired to party!
Hiding from the noise :)
One of the favorites~ it offers protection!
Concentrating on playing hard
Party time!  And showing off his horribly forced smile and manly gesture~ he may kill me for posting this someday!
So much sweeter
Oh the chaos
He didn't really love his first bouncing experience
That's a cheese face on the go
Show off~ Uncle John
Of course he follows

Who is that standing out in this photo??  She may kill me too!
Kid's favorite cusine!
Another fabulous cupcake for a perfect 4 year old!


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