Monday, July 5, 2010

Friends and Fun

Someday I will catch up.  Really I will.  I am currently blogging about things in mid-June.  I happen to enjoy reading blogs that actually talk about things when they happen, not three weeks later.  My desires for this place to be that spot where I glance back over time, I am not able to bring myself to skip life!

When my dear friend Courtney visited, we took a weekend to escape and go to the countryish!  Our friend Christen, who is equally awesome and such a sport to travel with two babies, came with us to our little slice of happiness!  My sweet sister was able to get away from her slave driver boss (oh wait is that me???) and demanding pools and come for one night.  We went to Diboll, TX where my husband's family has 400 acres of untouched (besides the gorgeous house) land.  We spent the weekend riding on toys (mules, jetski's and off-road golf carts), swimming, reading our gossip smut, cooking and eating, visiting and laughing (and I mean REALLY laughing), and sleeping!  The boys had a great time, and loved having their Mommies all to themselves (along with Christen and Aubrey!)  We were so happy to have Glenn tag along to pull out and put away all the toys and stuff we used!  He was fun to have there for visiting as well!

We can't wait to go again!

Kisses with a paci~ that won't work!


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Being Chased By Puppies said...

Great Pictures....looks like you had a great time...