Sunday, July 11, 2010

Family Fun

One of the last days that Courtney and her family were here in June, we had a fun bbq and pool party!  Courtney, Lance, Emma, Lachlan and Christen, Colleen, Shep and Sarah!  It was filled with friendship and laughter, both by the grown ups and kids.  Friendships that pass through generations are so special and just make you smile to watch your little ones play and have a great time together.  After bed time (which for the big kids was a big sleepover upstairs) the big ones played in the pool and talked about everything grown up!

Courtney and her family stayed for breakfast the next morning, and all the kids rolled around playing even more on the living room floor!  It was loud, boisterous and chaotic, but it still made us smile!  We also managed to fit in a quick swim for the kids again!  Lachlan was thrilled with a toy truck~ a little different from the baby dolls that are around the house for his big sister!!!


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