Sunday, July 11, 2010

Can you believe it, I am all caught up!

This weekend was a good weekend.  Saturday morning I went to my first in-service for work, which starts at 7:05am.  We showed the video that was on the Early Show a week or so back, along with some of our own audits.  It was a good feeling to be around our lifeguards again and I enjoyed talking to them and being "out in the field".

When I got home~ mind you this was still all before 8:30~ early for me to be dressed and moving, Ayden, Mason and I went to Sam's and packed up on much needed STUFF!  The boys were very good and each earned a new DS game.  After rest and family time, I headed out to a tupperware party my sister had on that evening.  It was a really good time, with three of my girlfriends going with me to meet some of Aubrey and I's friends!  I purchased some really neat stuff and can't wait to get it and get organized.  Brandy and I were cracking up!!!! on the way home~ just talking girl!  She has proclaimed, and I most certainly agree that we are kindred spirits~ which we deduced after learning we both have the same bad habit of knuckle cracking (among many other shared attributes)!  Good, genuine friends are so awesome and make life that much easier.  Thanks to all my girls (all those that weren't with me this weekend also).

After coming home from the tupperware party, I was inspired.  I set to work organizing and cleaning out the pantry.  There was a bunch of stuff in there that I really needed to part with and tidy!  I am preparing for my oval storage containers!  Then I couldn't stop with the pantry so I went on to the fridge.  I felt much better falling asleep last night, like my clean pantry and fridge had much to do with my inner well makes sense to me.

Church was perfectly wonderful this morning!  I am really being inspired by Jeremiah.  For those of you reading that don't know, our family started attending Woodsedge three weekends ago, and we are happy for now (not sure if we will check out other churches in the future before deciding on a new home)!  After church we headed to Oma and Gomer's house for some much needed family time!  It was a really good time, loud and chaotic, which tends to follow us wherever we go.  My uncle brought great news that her daughter (our cousin) is pregnant.  Congrats on the new little life!  Gomer's brunch was delicious as always.  We had a blast in the pool, where Reid showed off his water baby skills.  We must of been lucky with three adorable little guys that LOVE the water.  *forgive my IPhone photos, possibly more to come from Oma in the upcoming days...

And yes, there were others swimming, but I was enamored with a good swimming pic with the littlest boy...we had over 20 to choose from and still didn't get a perfect face from him, but I love them!  Thanks Aubs!

Isn't Reid the water baby just the craziest thing!  He is 10 1/2 months old here!

This evening we came home and Glenn took off to Home get some more organizing tools for the kitchen!  I am a proud owner of three pull out drawers for the cabinets.  I am not sure if I have ever felt so put together.  Thanks hubby and yeah for the great weekend!


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