Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Take me out to the ballgame!!!!

A-Beautiful Pools, Inc (our business) holds a yearly event at the baseball game.  We invite all of our employees to come and watch a game, and this year we feed them in the all you can eat section!  What is better for teenagers?  We really hope that all of our lifeguards feel appreciated.  They are the backbone of our business and without them showing up to work each day, knowing their skills, and being professional, we would not be blessed with any fruits!

Glenn, Ayden and Mason came with me to celebrate the Astros and the lifeguards!  We had a great time!  **Seriously, why don't I take a camera with me, excuse the Iphone photos!


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Aubrey said...

Glenn, Ayden and MASON...not Reid.

Poor, poor Mason....oh the life. I gotta look out for that kiddo.