Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Office Time

On the first day of school, when photos were snapped of the big boys, I brought the camera into work so we could catch some Reid moments as well!  Kind of like a day in the life of working with Mom.  Reid and I get to the office around our normal time of 8:30, and he starts playing with the large amounts of toys he has here (as if there aren't enough at home)!  He has recently mastered the ball popper and loves to push that red button several times a day!
Somewhere around 9am Reid starts to get a bit fussy and ready to nap, but I love to stretch it as long as I can (I like to tell myself they sleep longer...haha).  We turn on some Elmo to make it to the 9:30 mark.
Reid likes to look through the diaper bag and find snacks to make the day go by faster...this child can eat!  Snacking is something the big boys like to do here as well...thinking maybe I pacify with food while I work...mmmmm.

After morning nap is lunch and play time!  This can include wandering the hallways, or playing on the floor with me.  Reid gets tons of attention from the ladies and men at the office!  He shows off his Little Gym skills, his running and his talking!  He likes to walk into each office and say "Hi", smile a little, reach his arms up for them to hold him and then bang away on their keyboard.  Oh they spoil him!  Reid also gets to roam the hallways and give some protection when the boys are away!  He takes his toys and walks around, up and down....
greeting his Gomer in the afternoon...a pleasant addition to the empty hallway!
playing the bzzzzzzz boom game on his nose!

I think writing this post has reminded me of what an awesome and unique situation my boys and I have each day.  I am so lucky to work with family that loves and understands me and the boys.  I am so grateful for the flexibility that allows me to be a great mom to my kids, and a great woman in business at the same time.  I am so lucky to have such supportive and loyal employees that make working fun and easy at most times!  And finally I am so blessed to have such amazing little boys that like to come to work with their Mommy!


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