Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Day of School

Take a depth breath...I have a kindergartner!  Yes, that means family that reads this (you know pretty much the only ones :) you are all older, just like I am.  You either have a nephew, grandson, or great grandson that is in Kindergarten!

And of course we must mention the middle son!  He has a beloved teacher of Ayden's from two years ago and we couldn't be more happy to be guided by her sweet teaching.  (the boys are still at the same private school, this is our 4th year!!!)

The first day of school was exciting and full of anticipation.  It takes a bit of a miracle to get out of the house without tears, breakdowns, and bickering, and God gave us this small miracle for the first day of school.  I held it together as a new mother of a kindergartner until I watched him in his new class.  He had big responsibilities from the moment he walked in and he looked at me with big eyes after sitting at his desk, not wanting me to go.  I whispered "God is with you wherever you go."  You will have a great day, as a I fought back the tears creeping into the corner of my eyes.  He calmed and began opening his supplies!  He is going to have a great year.  He has a caring, kind and firm teacher.  She knows his challenges and his strengths and had some interaction with him last year.  He has a fresh start with new kids in his class and is adjusting to the differences.  We are very proud of Ayden and are so excited to see what He has planned for this wonderful year of beginnings!

I jumped over to Mason's class after leaving Ayden, and Mason wanted to know why he had to go second...we are fortunate with the boys classes being directly across the hall~ easy drop off.  It was a cinch to calm his tiny nerves and get him settled with his choice of center play.  We are so excited to see how Mason will embrace the new skills he will learn in preschool and can't wait to watch him shine!
**quick look at how our littlest is man-handled at every turn!


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Brandy said...

Great pics! They look so excited!