Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bathtubs and Showers

Inspired by a blog I read, Enjoying the Small Things, I have thought of a lively place in my home. A place in our home where life occurs. I tend to skim things I read so I just hoped back over to the small things to confirm my details of her challenge and request, and realized…Oh no, Kelle mentioned our place in her post! That is ok…it is still our place, and part of the beauty is that others have this place, and we get to share when we are on the go!

I will warn, there was no way with as much life as our bathtubs and showers have that I can stick to one photo!

Our place of
Firsts for a newborn baby
And alone time

Our place of
Beginnings of labor for a new mother
Make believe
And learning our ABC's

Our place of
Quiet Feedings with a sweet little nursling
Cooling off
Or warming up
Singing (loudly)
And soaking in with a good book.

Our place of
Romantic gestures of a caring husband
Soothing coughs
Toys (even those that don't belong)
And coloring in places you wouldn't normally

Our place of
First stitches on a little chin when dancing a jig
And letting out good cry when life has spun...just like life does best

Ayden's first bath
Ayden 9 mths
Mason's first bath~ tears for all four
Grammy watching our sweet Ayden at Oma's
Ayden two and a half and Mason 9 mths, brothers!
Super smiles, Mason 9 mths
Silly bath time Ayden 2, Mason 1
Full of laughs
Crunch crunch
Make believe Ayden
Mason wants a turn
Swimming in the bath, of course! Ayden 3, Mason 2
Shower time fun, Ayden 4, Mason 3
Bath with best friend Emma!
I can't believe I am posting this...labor with Reid
Ayden, 5 helping with Reid's first bath
Baths work in sinks also, and of course a family affair
Reid 3 mths
We can stand! Reid 7 mths
Beautiful baby Reid
Ariel view of our wonderfully happy place



Being Chased By Puppies said...

Heather...I LOVE THIS! Thanks for sharing!

LilyWhite said...

Such an awesome post! Your boys are beautiful, and so are you--the labor picture just proves what a dedicated and loving mother you are, obviously. Inspiring!

Anonymous said...

sweet! I like little boys