Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My little fish

We heated the pool starting several weekends ago. The boys couldn't wait to get in the pool, and it is truly a joy to soak up the sun and watch the kids smile and swim.

This past weekend, we went swimming again and it was warm enough for Reid to take a dip (sans Mommy) and he was not pleased at all. He put on his grumpy face and was ready to get out. I took him out of the pool and nursed him to calm him down. It was so sweet to nurse my sweet little guy in sun while watching the big boys have a blast. It is surreal to think that this was my life and one of my ways to calm each of my sweet little boys. So many years have past, but it feels like it has happened in the blink of the eye. My boys have grown into strong willed, caring, and loving boys.

I also snapped some fun photos of Reid crawling on the table and playing with Daddy's hat! He is absolutely into everything lately which prompted the purchase this evening of a baby super play yard. I have never been one for play pens or lots of gates, but with the support of friends, and logic, I think boundaries will be good for Reid when I am busy with the other boys, and prevent him from injuring himself. His thrill of adventure ends up in lots of falls and slips. How can I possibly have a little boy that is MORE busy than my active first born?


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