Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spicewood TX, little bit of work, little bit of fun!

We brought in the big guns for our 2010 Supervisor Retreat! Ron Morrison with the Docentus group lead our leadership, team building and conflict resolution for the staff, AND husbands and families tagged along.

We stayed at the awesome Mountain Star Lodge. It had perfect accommodations, including suites, a three bedroom house for the family of five plus babysitter, garage for outside activities and a room for our seminars. The views were unbelievable. It was hard to remember that we were still in Texas.

Ziplining through the trees was a wonderful addition to the weekend at Cypress Valley Canopy Tours. One of our guides seemed to fall straight from the trees and loved his unique life, living from the land, out of a converted school bus, and drinking the water that falls from the sky. His stories and guidance about what you can eat from the plants and trees were really interesting! I found out quickly that I lack the skills to break, so I was thankful for the other guide who helped me avoid the trees at the end of each line. Glenn and Diana (Oma) were a treat to watch, daredeviling it every chance they could in true form.

Glenn, our fantastic babysitter Cheybli and Uncle Matt enjoyed a beautiful park and the Mansfield Damn while we were learning Saturday afternoon.

Dinner overlooking the sunset on Lake Travis was so special and I am thrilled with the awesome staff we have set up for summer 2010! I know they will exceed our every expectation.

Enjoy the overload here, it was hard to choose!


Animated Mason!

Typical time out for Ayden, our spirited child!

A boy and his conversation with his Uncle...please come swing with me!



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Tears...because i love them both so much.