Sunday, April 25, 2010

The years tick by...

All of the sudden you realize your little boy is a big boy. Trying out for swim team! The Imperial Oaks swim team was able to use the Conroe ISD natatorium for try outs. Ayden's eyes were big as he took in the sights of the $12 million dollar facility. He was clearly nervous, but it couldn't of been equal to his momma's nerves. I reluctantly passed him of to the coach that said, you can go up to the bleachers now, and I ran. I ran fast to make it up to the bleachers so I wouldn't miss a second of my big boys first try out. He reached the other side of the pool and the coach shook out his arms, just like on the Olympics! He jumped in and swam, and I mean SWAM! He didn't even breathe for the first half of the pool. The 6 and under group had to cross the pool without holding onto the edge. I was screaming at the top of my lungs, while Daddy shot away! Brothers were eagerly watching and Mason even cheered once. He made it across and I ran, and I mean RAN down the stairs to meet my little man, waiting for me at the doors with his "score" card in hand. He was on the team. Ayden was not quite as enthusiastic, still whimpering a bit from the thrill of it all!

I love him and am so proud!


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Being Chased By Puppies said...

I am so looking forward to your experience in my own life! BUT...WOW...Not ready for them to grow up....have fun this summer!!