Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Long time no blog...

The last three weekends have found us away from our comfortable home. This has made blogging hit the back burner...as my weeknights are spent with the kiddos and playing catch up from each weekend!

Three weekends ago Glenn joined two of our great friends in marriage! He is becoming quite the officiant. We went to Galveston and boarded a cruise ship for the wedding. Unfortunately we had to get off the ship before it set sail!

Photos courtesy of Kelli's facebook! We love you guys!

The Sunday afternoon after our Galveston trip we headed over to Northshore for a visit with JoJo and Grandpa! They are such happy reminders of how much we cherish our family!

Two weekends ago we took all the kids to Spicewood, Texas (south Austin) for the annual A-Beautiful Pools, Inc. supervisor retreat! I think an entire post will be dedicated to this wonderful weekend, as my husband took plenty of great photos. We brought along our wonderful babysitter, Cheylbi, and it made Glenn free to zipline with us and enjoy a yummy dinner overlooking Lake Travis! I am super duper (yes I just wrote super duper) happy that my job enables me to live life with my family and be the best VP as I can at the same time!

I will leave with you a teaser until I can sit down and sort through our photos!

Finally this past weekend we had a wonderful Easter weekend, and a blast from the past for me. When I was younger we spent each Easter in Grapeland, TX camping with some good family friends. A memorial service for a dear friend brought us all back together this past Easter. The only difference was more, new little people that had a great time camping and hunting eggs in nature! The Frasers and Dominys did it our way though~ a 40ft motor home! Super fun! No photos uploaded yet, but I promise some perfect ones to follow sometime in April!

Work has me back to the grind trying to get all of our pools staffed before mid-April, so blogging will probably come in spurts as I bring work home at night quite often.

I am anxiously awaiting this last weekend of travel with best friends Courtney, Lance, Emma, Lachlan, Christen and possibly Sarah!


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