Sunday, April 25, 2010

I miss you dear blog

Work, friends and life have kept me away. I miss this. I think my blog is a bit of a release. A time to look back over the fun things when life gets busy and heavy.

So here we go...a step back in time to Easter. We went camping at John and Rilla's place. This was a place I vacationed each year when I was little. It was so fun and reminiscent to travel back here with my three children. I also had an unbelievable appreciation for my mother, as she did this year after year, without an Oma and Gomer to help and without a wonderful monster RV. I got to tell the little ones to go on a hike when the Easter bunny was ready to visit our camp ground. I got to put the easter baskets at their bed, and I got to be the momma! It was so cool (for lack of a better word) to be on the other side at a place I loved as a child.

The following weekend, we picked up for the fourth weekend in a row to a much anticipated weekend away with the Steffeks and Christen! We headed to Diboll, and had a perfect time. On Saturday we fished, hiked, rode mules, dirt bikes and four wheelers, swung, and wakeboarded. Ayden actually begged to go wakeboarding with Glenn, despite the awful cold. Sunday was clean up and relaxation! Emma and the boys played non-stop, and she did a great job catching up the two crazy Dominy boys. Reid and Lachlan played so sweetly next to each other, exploring each others faces many times! This weekend was wonderful to have with my girlfriends, and the kids. It was my little piece of time with my best friends, which are cherished moments in this season of life!


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